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Looking for filters for your home or office?
Confused by the complexity of choices by a sea of suppliers out on the Internet?
Information Overload?

At Simple Filtration by Clariance Technique, we recognize the pains of trying to decipher all the complexities of filtration products because we went through the same, to develop a product range for you! We strive to simplify the technicalities to provide you with simple solutions. We provide ethical, direct and honest information to help you make a decision that meet your requirements at an affordable cost. You are also welcome to contact us for a free consultation and on-site water quality testing to help you make the right choice.

Clariance Technique is an Australian owned company and the only homegrown global filter brand in Australia. Clariance has been selected as a representative brand from Australia and is prominently featured in a few International Surveys in the field depth filtration.

Originally established to serve the industrial markets, we bring our vast industrial experience to now serve the commercial and residential sectors. Our philosophy is to develop filtration products and technologies for the local & global markets at competitive prices whilst providing excellent customer service.


While serving our industrial customers, we were often being referred to some commercial (mainly restaurants) and homeowners to help look into their water problems. For commercial users, main concerns include fouling of heat exchanges, scale formation on faucets, heater elements and other appliances. Home-owners are concern about the strong smell of chlorine in their drinking water, scale formation on their expensive faucets and shower heads and I remember one person calling up to complain about dry skin and hair!

It is an interesting game-changer for us as we realize that these concerns require new sets of filtration equipment, apparatus and systems to address. As the population are better educated and more research are conducted on water with easily accessible information on the internet, people are challenging and questioning if the water that comes out of the tap is safe to consume.

We started researching into contaminants in municipal water source as well as other water sources such as bore water, dam water, river water and so on. At the same time looking into technologies which would help to address the issues associated with potable water (water use in our daily life for drinking and washing/bathing). We were surprised by the number of confusing products available in the commercial and residential markets. Trying to navigate through the websites of suppliers of commercial and home-water filters is worse than being stuck in a maze! The conclusion from our experiences with these suppliers is … if one does not have a clue what one wants, these websites will increase the “cluelessness”! KUDOS!

But that is not our worst discovery…we found many “useless” products being promoted which does not have any real benefits to treat potable water. Some products are “over-kill” and some are so basic it does not really carry any beneficial value….in both cases a complete waste of money! Some products have high maintenance cost and some are so dirt cheap you wonder if that product really contains what was claimed. Some try to make magnificent claims and some just provides misguiding information that is technically not possible.

Even with our years of international experience serving the industrial markets of food & beverages production, pharmaceutical and water treatment, the industrial filtration system is less complicated than that found in the commercial and residential space. Well, I guess that is just marketing, each company is trying to outsell the other by coming up with “fanciful” new products from time to time…thus overtime flooding the market with fancy products with similar; little OR no additional benefits. In the end, these “marketing” gimmicks cost the consumer more.

Based on the increasing demands for water filters in the commercial and residential market space, and the barrage of “useless” products out there, we hope to be able to guide prospective water filters users to select the “correct” products at “correct” prices honestly & ethically.


At Simple Filtration by Clariance Technique, we aspire to provide: -

Easy to understand & simple solutions Purpose based solutions Technically correct solutions
Innovative, out of the box solutions Honest & ethical solutions Value for money solutions

The advantages of our products and services includes: -

Innovative products & ideas Technically sound personnel Local support, global presence
Wide range of products for retrofitting Highly competitive prices Local brand


If you are in the market for water filters and/or water treatment products, we hope that we can be of assistance to help you not only make the right choice but at the right price. Our selection guide will assist you to navigate through our website and products. We have done basic selection by eliminating “complicated” and “useless” products and those additional features which are not required so that you can save money whilst getting the right water treatment product.

Don’t overpay for features that are not require
Modern water filters come with many functions and add on features. Some of these features are not beneficial and some are just some additions as selling points to certain companies & products. For example, some water system comes with pressure gauges. These are rather expensive instruments and a few additional pieces may set you back a few hundred dollars. But honestly unless one makes it a point to constantly check it, which most people don’t (especially on something which is tucked away under the sink or in the garage), it’s really a waste of money. Change filter when it is time to change it or when water flow becomes slow. Best indication that filter is blocked. And those electronic controllers. Nice fancy thing to have but if it fails, then the whole system is compromise and it will cost a bomb to replace those electronic cards. So, if this is not required, then don’t unnecessary choose a system that comes with it.

Don’t overpay for “branding” or “marketing”
Branding - The water unit is usually hidden under the kitchen sink, in bathroom, in the garage or utility room. It is not like you are going to drive around with it. So don’t overpay for “branding”. Water treatment technology is not rocket science. The technologies are so matured that most companies produce very similar qualities. So why pay more?

Marketing - Some companies package their water system into a nice enclosure. Well, if the price is right, it is a nice to have feature but if it cost you a whole lot more what is the point of the enclosure? The enclosure serves no purpose as the functional unit is the filter inside. So, it is mainly aesthetics for marketing purposes.

Don’t pay for the sake of having “at least something”
Some water filters are very cheap and mostly just have a sediment filter inside. Due to the competitiveness of the market these sediments filters have less materials packed into them making the efficiency very low thus only good for coarse sand and pebbles. Try to understand the objective of having a water filter prior to getting one. Just because one comes across a booth in the mall and “it seems like a good deal” may end up a complete waste of money.